About Navjeevan Arogyadham

Navjeevan Arogyadham is one of the most Renowned & Oldest Ayurvedic Healthcare Clinic, situated in Bhayander West, Mira-Bhayander City since 1966.

At Navjeevan Arogyadham, patients suffering from various long-standing chronic illnesses attain healthy life via Detailed-Counselling, Ayurvedic medicines,Changes in Lifestyle and by proper Dietetic corrections.

In 1966, Late Dr. Vishwas Sav established Navjeevan Arogyadham Ayurvedic Clinic, which over the decades has transformed into one of the most trusted & unique Ayurvedic Treatment centre in Bhayander(Mumbai) for the management of chronic illnesses.

Dr. Jayesh Vishwas Sav
(Navjeevan Arogyadham)

I had been under my fathers undersight since the age of 15, where i observed multifaceted procedures & working of the dispensary.This was the phase where i observed patients visiting the clinic with a hope of getting cured and relieved of their illnesses.I derived further inspiration through the approach of my father when he calmly won patients faith, gave constructive hope, cleared their doubts & accordingly initiated course of treatment.

I have personally experienced my fathers mode of working,his positive energy,faith & confidence which further motivated me to become a Ayurvedic Physician & carry forward his legacy of serving patients with his unique approach towards Ayurvedic treatment.
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